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Dermatillomania - Skin Picking

Skin picking often takes place with minimal or no awareness and can occur during sleep. This doesn't mean that it cannot be stopped and often hypnosis by a specialist in BFRBs is the answer.

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours are often abbreviated to BFRBs. The BFRB we support here today is Dermatillomania, which is a condition marked by picking one's own skin. BFRB's can affect people of any age, although they most typically start in late childhood to early teens. The better known behaviour of nail biting is also a BFRB. Cheek chewing and lip-picking are also BFRBs, for which the treatment is the same.

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Dermatillomania, or skin picking, now appears to be one in the spectrum of compulsive disorders, and could be genetic in origin.

The compulsive element is what makes it terribly difficult to avoid picking, and extensive behavioural therapy is needed for some, to help control the compulsion.

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful and the Clarity CD in particular has helped many overcome their picking.

Canestan or similar thrush treatment may prevent itching and help heal your scabs.

Arrange for someone to place mirrors and pins out of your reach, and only use the mirror twice a day, for grooming purposes, if necessary under supervision.

Gripping ice can help to distract you, and if you're a biter, biting ice can help too.

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