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Trichotillomania: A Body Focused Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB)

Trichotillomania has been classified previously described as an Impulse Control Disorder and before that, as an OCD. Similar behaviours may include skin picking (Dermatillomania), biting lips or cheeks, and nail biting. People with Trichotillomania pull out hair, most commonly from eyelashes, eyebrows or the scalp, but also from beards, the pubic region and pets. These are secretive conditions and are often kept hidden with make-up and avoidance of eye contact. It can be hard to comprehend what Trichotillomania is; the social withdrawal it often brings or how best to help. Help is available here for people with trichotillomania and related behaviours; check out our treatment pages and support pages, as well as our coaching page and price list if you would like 1:1 help from an expert.

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