Tricho­tillo­mania Support Online

Our vision is to enable everyone to reach freedom from hair pulling

Mission Statement

Trichotillomania Support is a resource for people with trichotillomania and other BFRBs, as well as their families, teachers, health care professionals and researchers. Our purpose is to raise awareness, understanding, support, and treatment of trichotillomania. Through continued hard work of our staff and volunteers, Trichotillomania Support is building a strong foundation for the future treatment of trichotillomania.

Our Missions

Our pledge is the provision of a safe zone where people can confide, create, recover and discover using interactive, cutting-edge technology, the power to challenge and change, beliefs and behaviours that may have previously caused hair or eyelash pulling.

We are convinced we can help anyone who wants to stop pulling to do so. See our treatment pages for options

  • Offer support and understanding to sufferers of trichotillomania, their families and friends
  • Improve awareness of trichotillomania positively
  • Offer a coaching program that helps sufferers into recovery and after-care
  • Provide information about trichotillomania, conduct and assist in research projects
  • Deliver innovative solutions which break new ground in the field of Trichotillomania
  • Raise funds to keep the organisation running and growing

Please complete our online questionnaire designed to give professionals more insight to trichotillomania