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Hey Guys, my name is Krystal. I’m 14 years old. I’ve been pulling my hair out for about a year now.

My parents and I realized that I started pulling my hair out when I switched schools last year. But I made friends easily and had no problem with it.

At first my friend showed me what split ends were. I started pulling out all my split ends. One time I accidentally pulled out the whole hair and saw the white root at the end. I thought it was cool and I liked to stroke it, which sounds kind of weird.

Now I always pull out my hair. Is it normal to have a fascination for the white follicle at the end of your hair?

Now I have a bunch of bald spots. I only have 1/10 of my hair.

I used to have the thickest hair; whenever I went to get a hair cut they always use to compliment me on how thick my hair was. But not anymore. It finally got to the point where the bald spots were getting really bad so I got a wig. I like it a lot : I can do anything with it!

The thing is sometimes I tend to lift my wig up and pull out some hair. I have tried everything to stop pulling out my hair.

I go to therapy for my hair pulling but nothing seems to work. I still pull it out at night when I try to go to sleep, because I take off my wig at night. I have tried knitting, stress balls and anti-depressant pills. I am still currently on these. Does anyone out there know what else I can do to try to stop this??? I really want my thick long hair back!!

Luv ya all- Thanks 🙂


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