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How can I stop pulling my hair out?

I know it’s crazy but it’s just so compulsive that I can’t stop pulling out my hair and eating the roots.

How can I stop?

If other people have this disorder and have managed to stop pulling, how have they done it and why can’t I?

These are the questions we all asked when we found others on the net who had trichotillomania but weren’t pulling.

There’s no easy answer but it is possible with the support of others on this site.

Keep a diary and make a note of how high your urges are every day, on a scale between 0 and 10.

“I stopped pulling out my hair by keeping my hands occupied 24/7.” Jackie, 27.

“I pull out my hair from my scalp. When I eliminate glucose from my diet it really makes a difference to the pulling. I have no real urge to pull. Eat a spoonful of glucose, to see if it raises your urge to pull … if it does, you know what to do!” Nat, 15.

Check out the diet pages to find out which foods make you more prone to pulling hair out.

I’ve heard all that but I still can’t stop pulling my hair out. I want to know what methods worked for other people.

“I checked out the distractions page and chose a different method every day until one worked to stop me pulling my hair out.” Kim, 42.

“I stopped pulling my hair out with Neovision Trichnotherapy. The main way I did it was by being a friend to myself, losing my old anxious friends and making new positive ones. By getting a buddy. ” Michael, 30.

“I commit to saying what I feel at the time, rather than internalising anger and pulling my hair out. These are techniques I learned from online coaching.” Elim, 29.

Read about some of our members and how they 

have grown to manage, and in many cases, 

overcome, hair pulling.

Recovery Expert

Recovery Expert

One pull or pick free coach, for the whole of your time with us. Minimum specialist trichotilllomania recovery ten years.

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Accounts of people with trichotillomania

The BFRB blogs and experiences described in this section may be disturbing so don’t read on unless you’re sure you are up to it.

how can I stop pulling my hair out

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We are particularly interested in success stories, and there are very many people on the site who have achieved long-term freedom from pulling.