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If I were a feather, how many tips would I have? Would they be ruffled? Jagged? Broken? Or just frayed on the ends, waiting to break, split or splinter? Maybe even plucked and tossed to the side… just wanting to die. Perhaps they would mend themselves…. With a good nights rest…maybe not…could turn out to be one notorious nightmare after the other, enveloping each of life’s experience’s we want to forget. 

The mind is a powerful thing…Too much or too little that is the question. How do we balance such a delicate thing? For each day is different as the one before, no matter our age or knowledge, I continually reply. What is the answer? I beg of you. Look at yourself! Dare not share, for it identifies and labels you. Stick to the unknowing, you’ll be safe, secure and stable, maybe not to the extreme possible highest achievable level of happiness, but you won’t get hurt. So dig deep…What will you choose? Open up…Move on…or Shut Down? When all else fails…Run like hell! And never look back!


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Read about some of our members and how they 

have grown to manage, and in many cases, 

overcome, hair pulling.

Recovery Expert

Recovery Expert

One pull or pick free coach, for the whole of your time with us. Minimum specialist trichotilllomania recovery ten years.

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Accounts of people with trichotillomania

The BFRB blogs and experiences described in this section may be disturbing so don’t read on unless you’re sure you are up to it.

how can I stop pulling my hair out

Adam Alpa Anna
Anne Angela Annette
Athena Caillin Caroline
Carrie Cathy Christine
Clarkie Cleo Donna
Ellen Faith H
Holly Iris Jan
Jane Jason Jayne
Jess Jo Joanna
Joanne Kat Kati
Kristina Krystal Laura
Lisa Lisa W Louise
Lucy Mairen Mike
Neil – OCD Patience
Robin Sandy Sara
Shannon Terri Tracey
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