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Age of Onset of Trichotillomania

Age of onset does seem to be decreasing, but our research found that the average age people start hair pulling is 12 years old.


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Gender: Christenson’s study of 2,500 college students suggests a ratio of 2 females to every 1 male hair puller. Our online survey showed just 1 in 10 tricsters who completed our questionnaire are male. There may be many reasons for this difference, such as it may affect more young males, men may be less likely to visit our site, or to complete our questionnaire.

Most Common Triggers:

stress, boredom, anxiety, watching TV, reading, sitting down, thinking, nerves. Read more

Most Common Helpers:

keeping busy, determination, doing something with my hands, being around people, moving about. Read more detailed Info

Most Common Helpers:

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Updated 17 March 2022 review 18 March 2023