Why do some children pull their hair or eyelashes out?

Some children pull out their hair or eyelashes because they have a condition called trichotillomania. For some, it runs in families. It is also possible that they just do this because it feels good to them at the time.

Everyone is different and we all have something we do, that we wish we wouldn’t. We are also all made up of different parts, and sometimes one part of us wants to do one thing while other parts of us want to do something else.

To someone with trichotillomania, pulling hair or eyelashes out often feels like a release of feelings that feel they are unable to express in more ‘acceptable’ ways. 

Children with this condition may need some encouragement in explaining what they are feeling and advice on choosing to share their feelings with supportive and understanding people. These are often highly sensitive children, who do not yet understand that not everything that is said or thought about them will be true or relevant.

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