Adam started hair-pulling at 17

I’ve been pulling hair from everywhere since I was about 17. I was a very shy kid and my behavioural problems were more out of confusion than naughtiness.

I had a really bad relationship with my dad and as a result I had a really poor self image. My brother left home when I was fifteen and I never saw him again.

I had hit rock bottom when I bought the Neovision Growth CD and I played it from time to time, managed to get a couple of pull free days, but then nothing. It wasn’t until my flatmate read the web page again and said “You’re meant to play it every day for 30 days”, that I played it continuously throughout the night for a month and it worked.

I’m pull free now. If I ever want to start pulling hair again, which maybe happens every six months or so, I just play the CD again for a month and it’s all ok.

Thanks to this site I have a life, but I don’t see my parents any more.  This won’t be the right answer for everybody, but I highly recommend the recording, which is available for download on this website.


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