40 Day Intensive Trichotillomania Recovery Course

40 Day Intensive Trichotillomania Recovery Course

Trichotillomania Support UK have developed a range of courses to suit each individual. For some people, an intensive program is most beneficial. Coaching is delivered in 40 contact days and requires dedication and determination.

Please discuss with the coaching team beforehand so we can assess your suitability, but if you're able to spare 30-60 minutes per day and are ready to tackle this once and for all, the intensive program is likely the best fit for you.

Length and contact level:

40 contact days. Around 8 weeks. You have access for up to 120 days.

2 e-mails per week from your coach. Online lessons are released daily.

Video calls are 25 minutes long and can be booked in every 10 lessons.


One payment of £500.

What's covered?

The course can include: CBT, habit reversal therapy, time management, organisation and managing setbacks. Urge reduction techniques, daily reports to track hormone levels, diet and lifestyle. Parenting techniques, establishing values and goals can also be covered.

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Get in touch if you need advice, support or just want to talk to someone that truly gets it. We're here to support everyone, from individuals to whole families, and can help you get to grips with this condition. Our help to stop hair pulling course is delivered 100% online.