Beard Pulling Course

Beard Pulling Course

Pulling hair out and being unable to stop is a condition called trichotillomania. With tried and tested strategies, it is possible to stop pulling beard hair.  This online course will allow you - and your facial hair - to flourish.

Perhaps you thought pulling out beard hair depended purely on your willpower - yet you are a high achiever who can be very focused. The complexity of your own behaviour baffles you? You are not alone!

Join a team of people who have succeeded already - help improve the team and make it unstoppable.

Length and contact level:

The course is 6 months long. 1 treatment e-mail per week and 25-minute long video calls every 2 weeks. Lessons are released every 7 days.



What's covered?

The course can include: CBT, habit reversal therapy, time management, organisation and managing setbacks. Urge reduction techniques, daily reports to track hormone levels, diet and lifestyle. Parenting techniques, establishing values and goals can also be covered.

stop pulling beard hair

100% of sales through go back into the website and free support services provided by Trichotillomania Support UK. Nobody profits but YOU! Click here to see more of our products on our store page or at the website and store. Our treatment service operates entirely online, has a track history dating back to 1996 and must surely be the only trichotillomania treatment service with over a 95% success rate. While there is no cure for this condition, there really IS a solution to hair pulling.

Get in touch if you need advice, support or just want to talk to someone that truly gets it. We're here to support everyone, from individuals to whole families, and can help you get to grips with this condition. Our help to stop hair pulling course is delivered 100% online.