Finger Covers

Finger Covers

These finger covers will make a great addition a great addition to your box of hair pulling helpers. They're a clever way to keep your fingertips covered - reducing the risk of picking.

Available in 3 colours and sizes small, medium and large. Ideal for adults and children alike.

The finger covers are perfect for wearing at work or school, where permitted, and fit discreetly in your pocket.

We would recommend size small for children, medium for women and large for men, to fit the three middle fingers. You may then require a size up or down if you also want covers for pinky fingers or thumbs.

Other great hair pulling helpers for your recovery box could include: your favourite songs; silly putty; fiddle toys; affirmations; nail varnish; a list of tips or things you've found helpful; a letter, drawing or photo of your goal, Vaseline; gloves and hand cream.

Please note: 1 finger cover is supplied. The exact colour can vary depending on stock and screen resolution.


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