Pull Free Kit

Pull Free Kit

Freedom from unwanted behaviours with a pull free kit designed with growth in mind.

Have you ever wondered why you keep returning to old patterns even though they cause you pain?

Perhaps you keep struggling with hair pulling or skin picking and feel hopeless about ever becoming free of it.

Stay focused on the goal of being BFRB free. This pull free kit saps the power from mindless repetitive behaviours.

Using rewards and imagery, these cards help you to encode your powerful brain to make healthier choices. The path to freedom is laid out for you, with each card containing compassionate guidance to help you gain ground and find freedom.


pull free kit


100% of sales through Coaching.care go back into the website and free support services provided by Trichotillomania Support. Nobody profits but YOU! See more of our products on the store page or at the Coaching.care website and store. The  treatment service operates entirely online, has a track history dating back to 1996 - a trichotillomania treatment service with over a 95% of clients becoming and remaining pull free. While there is no cure for this condition, there really IS a solution to hair pulling.

Get in touch if you need advice, support or just want to talk to someone that truly gets it. We're here to support everyone, from individuals to whole families, and can help you get to grips with this condition. Help to stop hair pulling does exist!


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