Caroline started hair pulling as a child

A battle with eyelash pulling & scalp pulling

Hey, my name is Caroline and I’m 16 years old. I had trichotillomania my whole life, starting with my eyelashes.

I never really knew what I was doing but I would be punished for it. Then I stopped for a good 4 years. I once had long thick blonde hair and now it’s next to nothing.

I remember the exact day – my babysitter told me about split ends and I loved it how I could pull them apart and just look at them. My hair was short at the time and I looked and I realized if I pulled it out it felt good. I kept on doing that for years. Soon I had bald spots and little fuzzy hair. I’d have a mullet basically. It was terrible.

I was made fun of for years and years.

My friends, family had no idea what was happening with me, until I looked it up and found a miracle website that changed my life.

I just started getting help about 2 months ago and I’m on medication. It’s not really stopping the pulling all together but it helps the urges. No one really knew what was wrong and I’ve been very ashamed my whole life. Last year which would be 9th grade I got hair extensions and that helped a lot and my hair started growing back nicely then I got my first hair cut short and it looked amazing, then I started to pull again. As my hair grew it got worse. I haven’t worn my hair down in a long time and I probably never will until I can actually go to a hair dresser and be normal. I thought I could do this my self but really I cant. I need help and I’m getting it.



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Recovery Expert

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