hair pulling in children

children can recover from BFRBs

Young people with trichotillomania benefit from getting to know other hair pullers, finding that we grow up to live functional lives, and particularly that most of us form happy relationships.

Trichotillomania is believed to be a genetic condition, although the probability of a person with trichotillomania having a hair-pulling child is still very small, because it is thought that the tendency to an impulse control condition is inherited, but not the specific behaviour. Being highly sensitive is also more likely to be passed on than the pulling itself.

Many children who pull their hair have sensory processing concerns, which can also affect attention.  These are usually, but not always, very high functioning individuals and it can be hard to detect their individual needs.

It is possible to recover, and it’s also possible to live a happy, fully functional life alongside an impulse control
condition by making small efforts and changes to manage the symptoms and impact.

Fiddle aidsrewards; barrier techniques such as gloves and hats; colour-coded stickers in their school planner; visual aids and reminders; understanding and patience. Talk to us – experts in supporting, recovery and maintaining freedom. We can help you with all aspects of getting to grips with being a parent or carer of a child with trichotillomania.

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