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Childhood BFRBs, hair pulling and how we can help

Childhood Hair or Eyelash Pulling

Lots of children pull their hair or eyelashes out, about 1 in 50 people do it. It’s NOT your fault. Our pages are written by people who pulled their hair or eyelashes for years and are now pull-free.

I pull my eyelashes & don't want my parents to know, what can i do?

Many children do feel ashamed of eyelash and eyebrow pulling, although it is nothing to be ashamed of.  You will know people who bite their fingernails and maybe even someone who compulsively picks their nose!   

The first thing you should know, is that the shame is part of the condition and you can overcome it by talking to people who understand. 

Think about telling your parents.  Only YOU know if you have a good enough relationship with your parents that they help you when you feel down.  Try telling them a smaller secret first, to see if they are encouraging and listen to you.  

If your parents aren’t the people to talk to, try talking to a trusted teacher.  Many teachers actually pulled their own eyelashes as children, so you might even find they understand more than you think. 

Hair pulling is a big secret, don’t keep it to yourself.  Just like children, all adults have different skills and abilities, so if one adult doesn’t help, speak to someone else and keep talking because there IS help available.

try these ideas to stop hair pulling

1. Be active – move around lots. Keep your hands busy!

2. Throw a foam ball around the room while watching TV.

3. Eat less sugar (sugar makes pulling urges worse).

4. Make sure you get enough rest. Ask for help if you have trouble sleeping. Our mp3s really help with sleep.

5. Draw the tric monster, paint it and maybe write a little about it too. This helps to see it as something outside of you, which can be defeated. We would love to see your pictures! Contact us and we’ll tell you where to send them. You might see them on the website!

6. Get a clean mascara brush and apply PURE coconut oil to your eyelashes or hair roots.

7. Get some exercise! Run up and down the garden as fast as you can. Or find someone to play a bat and ball game, or football with.

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