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The vicious cycle of eyelash pulling and eyelash regrowth can be devastating and can risk eye health.  There is no need to go through this alone.  We’re dedicated to giving you the attention and care you deserve.  Drop us a line below and (unless you ask us not to) we’ll get in touch now and again purely to ask how you’re doing.  


stop eyebrow pulling

Suppose you could stop eyelash pulling, simply, with a little extra self care each day?

Wouldn’t you do it for yourself? 

Forget all those people who have told you that you need therapy to stop eyelash pulling, because it really can be as easy as a bit of relaxation and listening to an MP3 by someone who was able to stop eyelash pulling herself.

Have you struggled to find a reason for your eyelash or eyebrow pulling? Did you realise it was an obsessive style condition or a BFRB – Body Focused Repetitive Behavior? Maybe you have  searched deep in your past for reasons but sometimes the only reason is the fact that you have this condition.

We can offer you helpful tips and encouragement. We’ll help you to use your own strengths for your own recovery.

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Recovery of individual eyelashes and eyebrows after hair pulling

Different areas have different chances for recovery speed. This is just an estimate of how long FULL recovery will take. You will see new growth fairly quickly in most cases.

EYELASHES – Some people can get FULL recovery in 6 months but if you have been pulling for many, many years it could be 2-4 years.

EYEBROWS – FULL recovery can be slower than lashes because this area is more easily damaged and for some people it does not totally grow back.

Revised 18th January 2022, Review 18th January 2023

Relax & listen to this soothing MP3 by someone who was able to stop eyelash pulling herself. 


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