tips to stop eyelash pulling & eyebrow pulling

Have you had enough of worrying about people noticing gaps in your eyelashes or eyebrows? Do you yearn to be able to pop to the shops or answer the door without eye make-up on, or go swimming with your friends or kids? This condition doesn’t have to be a life sentence; it’s time to take your power back and we want to help you.

 “I find whenever I get the urge to pull, washing my eyes and eyebrows with cold water often reduces the urge.”

Possibly bad foods for lash pullers: eggs, dairy produce, particularly those enriched with Vitamin D. Whole grains, whole grain flours, grapefruit.

use product to remove eye make-up

remove make up with product

use bamboo pads so you're not obsessing about fibres of cotton-wool

I find wiping my eyes with a cloth super helpful to relieve urges.  NK

A way of getting rid of the urge to pull is to have a manicure and nail laquer set next to you while you watch TV, it keeps your hands busy and you have to wait for it to dry, knitting is also a good thing to do.

A gentle hand massage with creams or oils will relax you and prevent getting a grip on those short hairs.

When urges are bad, cover or move mirrors to remove temptation. Wear gloves when you’re tired, this helps control subconscious pulling.

Ditch the mascara and use soft eyeliner instead. Mascara clumps and it can be tempting to pick it off; if you really feel you have to wear it remember to take it off immediately when you get home.

relaxation recordings for stopping pulling