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Compulsive behaviour, treated with respect and care

Dermatillomania, or skin picking, now appears to be one in the spectrum of compulsive disorders, and could be genetic in origin.

The compulsive element is the cause for finding it terribly difficult to avoid picking, and extensive behavioral therapy is needed for some, to help control the compulsion.

Hypnotherapy can be very helpful and the Clarity mp3 in particular has helped many overcome their picking.

Canestan or similar thrush treatment may prevent itching and help heal your scabs.

Arrange for someone to place mirrors and pins out of your reach, and only use the mirror twice a day, for grooming purposes, if necessary under supervision.

Gripping ice can help to distract you, and if you're a biter, biting ice can help too.

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Help from friends and family is invaluable, and the more you expose your skin, and confess your disorder, the less inclined you will be to spoil it.

See a dermatologist if you believe you have a skin complaint. If the urge to skin pick is experienced as itching, try to avoid eating yeast and carbohydrates for a week or so, to see if there is a marked difference.


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