On the path to pull-freedom

The Path to Pull Freedom


I have had Trichotillomania since I was 8 years old. I am now 28. It has been a significant concern in my life – that goes without saying.

A few months back I started to reduce the carbs and sugars from my diet. Literally overnight, I noticed a significant impact on the urge I had to pull my hair out.

I have been on several prescribed drugs previously, such as prozac and cloimpramine and they had little or no effect on the ability to minimize the hair pulling and stress and depression that results.

By taking sugar out of my diet, I literally went from being in my habitual trance like state of hair pulling, to pulling no more than 1-2 strands a day, sometimes none at all. Up until seeing this info validated on your website, I have not seen anything also substantiate this solution in a more visible way, that reaches the millions that suffer with this and grow hopeless in finding a way to greatly reduce or eliminate trichotillomania from their lives. It was truly an accident that I figured this out, and wish that there was more awareness out there so that others could determine if the way their brains and bodies process glucose has an impact on trichotillomania. Throughout my life I have concealed my hairloss through everything from wigs, permanent markers, hair products and avoidance of situations that would unveil my bald spots (swimming, wind, hats, etc.).

My hair has been growing back in nicely. I feel amazed to learn that sometimes the most complicated problems have very simple solutions.