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The vicious cycle of eyelash pulling and eyelash regrowth can be devastating and can risk eye health.  There is no need to go through this alone.  We’re dedicated to giving you the attention and care you deserve.  Drop us a line below and (unless you ask us not to) we’ll get in touch now and again purely to ask how you’re doing.  

Personal experiences of eyelash and eyebrow pulling

people who pull out their eyelashes, eyebrows or both

Meet the real people behind the experiences


Alpa … Anna … Anne … Annette … Caroline … Cathy

Clarkie … Faith … H … Iris … Jan … Jason … Jess … Jo … Joanna

Kat … Kristina … Laura … Lisa … Patience … Tracey


I stopped pulling out my eyebrows

Sure, sometimes I do have a setback, but I did manage to stop excessive eyebrow plucking. I did so by self care and self motivation. You can too.

Relax & listen to this soothing MP3 by someone who was able to stop eyelash pulling herself. 


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