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Promoting Public Understanding of Trichotillomania in the Media

Why the above isn't just an advert

You may be aware just how difficult things have been for non-profits in recent years.  We are blessed with people who believe in our work and want to support us.  https://coaching.care donate 100% of anything you purchase to Trichotillomania Support!

We are committed to educating people about trichotillomania, through the media. Our goal is particularly, to educate the public, schools and health professionals about how the disorder feels and treating trichsters sensitively as well as respectfully. Treating people with trichotillomania respectfully often means not disclosing the hair pulling to anyone without the person’s consent, so it can sometimes be difficult to find people with trichotillomania willing to talk to the media or appear on camera. If you would like somebody from Trichotillomania Support to give a talk about trichotillomania, please contact us.

Trichotillomania Press

Trichotillomania is often portrayed in the press using extreme photographs and the individuals portrayed are rarely indicative of most people with trichotillomania. The majority of people who pull hair from their scalp, for example, retain 70% of their hair at all times. Baldness would only be revealed by parting the hair and looking closely. Extreme cases do exist but are much rarer than you might expect. Many female eyelash pullers cover their bald eyes with make up very cleverly and you would never notice.

One of the treatments that helps substantially with hair pulling is specialist treatment, tailored for trichotillomania.

How you can help:

We are often looking for people to share their story in the press, helping spread knowledge and awareness of trichotillomania. Working with our press agency ensures that everything is handled respectfully and nothing is released that you’re unhappy with.


Trichotillomania press reports include:

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