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Options for parents of a child with BFRBs

Does your child hair pull or pick at their nails or skin? Do they chew their mouth or lip-pick? You’re no doubt heart-broken at the situation and wish you could do more to help. Guilt is a good thing, because it motivates you to be kind, but what is happening is no fault of your own or the child’s.  We have you covered because we were ourselves the hair-pulling child. We KNOW what helps.

Every person is different and parenting is constant decision making, mistake making and steering back on course.  Please be assured that if your child is pulling their hair or eyelashes out, you have done nothing wrong.  On this page you will find some options here to help you to help your child speedily into recovery. We can help with all childhood BFRBs, such as skin-picking, hair-pulling (our speciality) and cheek chewing, to name just a few. They can have a normal childhood like any other child.

If you haven’t already done so, please take just under 6 minutes to watch our video of what we believe is the best BFRB advice to parents


Parents and carers can feel reassured that their children are in the best hands with our online recovery course.  We will talk to them about childhood hair pulling and help them come to terms with their feelings.  With genuine warmth and understanding, we guide and support the whole family through the hair pulling journey. Years of experience from working with children and honing our skills in the treatment of body-focused repetitive behaviours means we are uniquely able to treat conditions such as hair pulling, skin picking and nail biting through our up-to-the-minute-online learning platform.

We really are eager to hear all about your child. Do take a moment, relax and tell us how you feel about your child’s hair pulling or other bfrbs.

We will help your child build an A-Z guide to self-comfort

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Better communication

We can help by encouraging you and your child to communicate more openly. We offer many communication techniques which will last a lifetime.


One on one sessions

All our sessions are conducted online, using Zoom.

When you make an appointment, you can schedule immediately.

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Awakened listening

Utilising story-telling, play-therapy and (if you agree) hypnotherapy, we will help your child to develop ways of looking after themselves when you are not around to help them.

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exploratory sessions

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About the Sessions

Whatever your style of parenting, we take our cues from you. Your child will quickly learn to   use our website to report about his or her hair pulling or picking, to find details of how to stop pulling, picking or chewing. You will have someone to contact if you need help or support.

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