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Aftercare is only available to pull free people who have completed the Trichnotherapy
Program. If you are eligible for Aftercare, you're ready to lock down your freedom maintenance skills.

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Coaching Aftercare

Our Relapse Prevention Program develops daily as we learn from each individual who graduates from one of our coaching packages. Aftercare is about cementing what you have learned and using our combined experience to maintain hair growth or freedom from whichever BFRB coaching package you have completed.

Our trichotillomania hair regrowth history goes back to 1996, STILL with over a 95% success rate. Now YOU are one of our success stories, not through the work of your coach but through your own personal achievements in self growth.

Continuity of Care

You will continue to work with your existing coach as well as his or her assistant coach. 

We recommend you opt for Aftercare once you've graduated from Neovision Trichnotherapy, so that your coaching can continue for at least a year.

Continue submitting your daily reports every day, and we'll send you coaching emails every two weeks.

In Advanced Aftercare, you also continue to complete your daily reports online each day, and receive  more frequent coaching emails - often twice a week or more, as well as ongoing skills training and relapse prevention work.

Both Aftercare options last for one year after graduation from Coaching.

We can't make any guarantees that you will stay in recovery forever, but everyone who uses this Aftercare system,  currently continues to be in recovery. We believe it is your best chance.

BFRB Support

Charizma, Spada House, 20 Regent Close, London, N12. UK. 

Tel: +447910 114739

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"Aftercare enables us to offer you ongoing support after you have completed our program."
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To subscribe for monthly Aftercare, use one of the buttons below. 

Aftercare Includes bi-weekly top-up e-mails, and relapse prevention work - continued care designed to keep you BFRB free  forever.

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