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Trichotillomania Support Groups

Trichotillomania Support UK is the international charitable organization for the support of people with trichotillomania. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to run or organise support groups, but we would love to hear from you if you know of any groups or services in your area. Please contact us and we will build up a resource on these pages of help available in the UK and beyond. We now have details of support groups running in Australia here.

There are 2 support groups in the UK that we are aware of, both run by the same people.

They are:

Edinburgh: Usually last Tuesday of each month, 6:30pm-8:00pm

Dance Base, 14-16 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2JU (meeting room).

*To attend this group, please contact Bridget:


London: First Sunday of each month, 2pm-4pm

Sun, 5th Aug (first time new schedule)

Sun, 2nd Sept

Sun, 7th Oct

Sun, 4th Nov

Sun, 2nd Dec

Sun, 6th Jan

Walking distance from Bank, Liverpool Street or Monument tube stations

“Our BFRB Support Group is peer led and mainly for sufferers of Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania and related disorders (thumb sucking, nail biting etc.). Our group is open to all age groups, sufferers as well as family members, carers and friends.”

*To attend this group, please contact Verena & Pavitt for venue details:


How can we help?

We have a range of options available to help you or your loved one with their Trichotillomania or other BFRBs.