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Trichotillomania Support is a non-profit organisation offering worldwide support to anyone who speaks English. Our expertise extends across BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviours) and obsessive conditions. Help is at hand for the whole family, for life – human support from ex pullers and pickers as hair pulling doesn’t have to be forever.

how to stop HAIR PULLING

Look into our coaching and courses.

We get it, because we’ve got it! 

Stop hair pulling with our practical tools and tips. 

Our team offer advice and support to adults, children, their friends and families. 

We are keen to hear about you, because you matter. Make an appointment for a video chat with us for expert advice and guidance. We have a range of support available from free tips to hypnotherapy to fiddle aids.

Trichotillomania TEST

is HAIR PULLING holding you back?

If you answer “yes” to at least 4 of the following questions, we recommend you get in touch for support because can truly help.

coaching care University and trichotillomania support


After years of negotiation, reached a deal with, so all proceeds of coaching sessions are donated to Trichotillomania Support.

MORE importantly, we have collaborated with to provide educational courses teaching tools for urge reduction and relapse prevention.

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