How to cover up eyelash pulling

Tips for Looking Good

We know you can do it; the question is – do you believe in yourself?

In this article we explore cover-ups like false lashes and eyelash extensions.

If money is no object then eyelash extensions may be a good idea, at least while you are waiting for your eyelashes to grow. 

Russian eyelashes are particularly fluttery and flattering.  Ask about these at any large beauty salon.


A simple cosmetic tip to cover up damage from eyelash or eyebrow pulling without resorting to clumpy mascara – using a a sharp brown kohl pencil, very lightly draw a line of dots  just slightly above where your eyelashes would be. Another way to do this is with brown mascara on a very thin lip brush.

For a sultry look, run a khol eyeliner pencil (not so sharp this time) along the inside top of the eye to conceal the gaps. Finish by blending some brown gently over the brow; kohl is softer than other liners so it looks more natural.

Try our mp3 specifically aimed at helping you become eyelash and eyebrow pull free.


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If you are looking for the best eyelash glue, I find Eye Charm or Duo the best. Using dark glue as eyeliner is a great way of being sure fake lashes stay in place.

Covering up can cause complacency with eyelash pulling.
Glue on weak lashes sometimes causes the loss of more eyelashes. The ideal way to live with eyelash pulling is to leave them bare, with just a little Vaseline, that way you won’t be tempted to pick any clumps or pull more because you know you can hide damage with false eyelashes. Being pull free is about more than looking good, it’s about having control of your compulsions.

There’s no quick fix for that,
just positivity and perseverance!

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