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It can be hard to stop addiction, alcoholism and anxiety related conditions such as agoraphobia and BFRBs.  Behavior is often hard to explain, and harder still to modify.  Some heartfelt encouragement and a show of trust, often motivates people to make smart changes.

Rewards Aid Recovery

This article discusses the use of rewards for recovery from addiction, hair pulling, OCD and self harm as well as body focused repetitive behaviors like trichotillomania, dermatillomania, nail-biting, skin picking, cheek chewing, lip picking etc.

Reassuring research reveals that addiction and countless conditions of this nature have all shown significant reduction when rewarded consistently over a period of longer than a month.

Planning and precautions are key components of curing compulsive behaviours. Our experts have listed products proven to work.

Funds from items sold here go directly towards supporting people with trichotillomania.

Getting control of our subconscious activities means making preparation, PLANNING what to do before the time comes. You can only be sure you won’t pull, if you can’t pull. Use a barrier method to prevent your pulling. A hat, a pair of plain glasses, a scarf or cotton gloves.

The first three days are the most difficult, but we recommend you maintain your barrier methods for two weeks.

Success is a science when you use rewards positively.

Most of us naturally reward certain people by buying them little gifts when they reach milestones in their lives, but do we  buy things for ourselves?

Studies show that reward works for addiction and behavioural change. Show your faith in your friend, family member, or yourself, by buying a STARTER REWARD: Space out small rewards along the path to freedom from unwanted behaviors.

The Advent Calendar Reward Technique

Make an Advent Calendar for recovery from alcohol, addictions and BFRBs, with pictures of the rewards you will buy  for reaching specific goals.

The Parcel Reward Technique

Wrap up a present for 10 days alcohol or BFRB free – use ten layers or wrapping paper and remove one layer each ritual free day.  You can add smaller gifts between each layer, as you might do with a pass-the-parcel.

We believe every human being is destined for success, and the only blocks to that success are the patterns we compulsively collect. Our tools can help clear the path – YOU do the moving forward.
Listen to our relaxation downloads, enjoy reading self-help books and implement our suggestions for prevention of unwanted behaviors, or simply support our work with our unique designs.

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Updated 17 July 2022 review 18 July 2023