hair pulling in children

Help children change negative habits

Help children overcome nail biting, skin-picking, BFRBs, hair pulling or eyelash pulling.

Empower your child to make positive changes : Safe suggestions to encourage children to cherish all aspects of themselves.

Flight-to-Freedom mp3 download

Spellbinding story telling empowers the child and awakens a sense of choice,subtly suggesting to the child that pick freedom is inviting. A relaxing story read safely and professionally by a member of the American Metaphysical Doctors’ Association.

Color Therapy and Story Telling

Wow!!! A colorful journey exploring new heights in the form of a magical story. Utilising the latest digital technology together with imagery and color therapy the child is encouraged to view themselves the way nature made them. MP3 downloads in this series can aid concentration and ease the process of sleep at night.

A gently uplifting adventure on the wings of a beautiful parrot, this story encourages your child to celebrate freedom from limiting behaviours or negative habits.


Researchers in the USA, led by Dr Miranda van Tilburg, have revealed how relaxation CDs help children to imagine away intense pain.

30 children between 6 and 15 years of age volunteered. Half received standard treatment for pain while the other half received 20 minute relaxation recordings which they played every day for 8 weeks. 26.7% of the children who received standard pain relief experienced reduced pain compared to an impressive 73.3% of children who used the recordings. Additionally, after 6 months over 65% of the relaxation recordings children were still well and happy.

Resource: Paediatrics journal.

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