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trichotillomania in men


Trichotillomania is thought to affect around 2% of males, having risen in the last decade from 1.5%. We offer a buddy matching service where you can meet other men with BFRBs like yourself. You can also make an appointment to speak with a BFRB specialist coach.


The BFRB specialists at say “We take a different approach with each individual. Having said that, in general, treating men to recover from OCD and BFRBs is often different from treating women. Women are usually familiar with talking about emotion, while some men may not be. Many men and women like a more practical approach, while some people prefer a more spiritual approach.

Pulling mainly from Eyelashes or eyebrows?

We provide an environment where men can talk about their unwanted behaviours and obsessions without being expected to stretch beyond their emotional comfort zone. Communication can be by email rather than in person and treatment is tailored completely to the individual’s personality.

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If you’d like to send us your story we’ll post it up to help other male hair pullers and skin pickers realise they are not alone.

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Updated 19 January 2022, review 19 January 2023