Trichotillomania and Diet – The John Kender Diet

Lifestyle changes such as Diet are a Viable Treatment for BFRBs

To test the effects of a food, such as sugar or glucose, on your urges, eliminate them from your diet for three months before introducing them back on one day per week only, for a further four weeks. Keeping notes to observe patterns. In our experience the majority of people do not recognize food-related urges to skin pick or pull hair out, because they don’t eliminate foods for long enough and/or keep adequate records.

Some children have stopped pulling completely by following the John Kender diet alone.

The basis of the JK diet (see table below) is that people with trichotillomania seem to experience irritation and itchiness from Malassezia, a naturally occurring skin and stomach yeast. The foods on the right hand side of the table (the dark foods) are known to increase the skin yeast, Malassezia.

Vegetarians : Check out specialist John Kender sites to see what you can and can’t eat as soy products are not recommended for people with trichotillomania.

LIGHT FOODS help stop hair pulling DARK FOODS DAMAGE

Sugars :
plus the sweetener aspartame found in Diet Coke etc.

Apples Glucose
Fructose Egg Yolk
Red wine Caffeine
Lemons Chocolate
Cherries Popcorn and corn
Beef Tomato seeds
Garlic Nuts, especially peanuts
Onions Monosodium Glutamate
Kiwi Alfafa sprouts
limes Apartate/asparagine
Ripening bananas crustaceans (lobster, prawns, crab)
Decaffeinated tea Soy products of any kind
ginger root Legumes
papaya Butterfat
guava fatty fish, e.g. tuna, herring
Kefir with yoghurt sardines, salmon, mackerel
Pineapple Most shellfish : Mussels Shrimp, Prawns, Lobster & Crab
mustard Nitrites
cabbage Peas
unsweetened live yoghurt Beans of any sort
Brussel Sprouts hair roots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!