Why do some children pull their hair or eyelashes out?

Some children pull out their hair or eyelashes because they have a condition called trichotillomania. For some, it runs in families. It is also possible that they just do this because it feels good to them at the time. Everyone is different and we all have something we do, that we wish we wouldn't. We are also all made up of different parts, and sometimes one part of us wants to do one thing while other parts of us want to do something else. To someone with trichotillomania, pulling ... VIEW POST

Lisa started pulling at 5 or 6

Is still searching for pull-freedom I first starting pulling my eyelashes out when I was about 5 or 6. I haven't a clue what triggered if off and have even had hypnotherapy to try and find out the cause. I have a distant memory of cutting my dolls' eyelashes off so I think it must've stemmed from something. I remember having lots of styes when I was a child. I must have looked like such a state at school as I always had bruised shiny eyes. I could kick myself when I think back now as ... VIEW POST

Louise – how I stopped hair pulling

Once I put myself in the Neovision coach's hands and let them lead the way, my life was on a new course. I liked the anonymity of online therapy where I could express myself in writing. Since that day 8 months ago I have pulled perhaps 5 hairs. I won’t lie and say it’s been easy. I used to spend all my energy hiding the evidence of my pulling, agonizing over the damage I had done, berating myself, which led to more pulling. I now devote all that effort to managing the urges, handling stress and ... VIEW POST