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BFRB buddies

If you can stay positive to boost someone else’s confidence and help them stop a Body Focused Repetitive Behavior, we have a challenge for you. A BFRB buddy can be a great way to give and receive support and share how you are feeling with someone just like you. We try to match people of similar age, habits and location. Our most successful buddies remain close friends for years.

Sometimes we need a little boost to get us back on track, Buddies can increase our positivity and remind us that BFRB freedom is possible and achievable.

Catch your buddy doing something right, coax, encourage and praise. BELIEVE that your buddy can become pull free, transcend trichotillomania and be happy. By believing in someone else it becomes easier to believe in ourselves too.

If you can commit some time to e-mail a buddy and share your journey to stop pulling, apply by completing our questionnaire. If you’ve already completed one, contact us and let us know you’d like a buddy. By way of thanks, we’ll introduce you to a like-minded buddy as quickly as we can. This is a free service and can take some time.

We receive no funding whatsoever, so please donateBecome a Tric Supporter. We’re immensely grateful for donations and public support. If you can spare £6 each month to help us keep going you will join the ranks of our treasured Tric Supporters.

Tric Supporters receive a welcome pack full of goodies and vouchers, and have access to restricted areas of our site.