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holistic treatments for BFRBs and trichotillomania

Homeopathic and holistic remedies for trichotillomania and BFRBs: Belladonna, Cuprum, Lilium tigrinum, Arsenicum, Lachesis.

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Hair pulling research shows the significance of coconut oil (pure) to soothe scalps and eyelash rims, reduce itching, kill bacteria and unwanted skin yeasts and to generally ease trichotillomania. This extremely diverse oil can help stop eyelash pulling and relax scalp skin.

Over-plucking eyebrows can often be eliminated by a coating of aloe vera, coconut oil or KY Jelly, applied to the brows (NOT TO EYELASHES).

Lycopodium is an excellent remedy for hair loss. Other remedies include Selica, Selenium, Sepia, Phosphoric Acid, Kali carb and Natrum mur.

Aloe Vera is very soothing for itchy scalps and may be applied directly from the plant or as a gel.

Drinking chamomile tea is said to be calming and to have a soothing effect on the scalp and lashes. Decaffeinated tea also has a neutralising effect on the urge to pull for many people.

Kava Kava is a natural calmer and many Tricsters who completed this site’s questionnaire are convinced that they can stay pull free by taking Kava Kava capsules alone.

Chewing Marjoram leaves, as well as being warming & calming, brings relief during times of grief or shock. Calms headaches, hypertension and PMS, insomnia, migraines or nervous tension. Munching Marjoram may help lash and scalp pullers to stay centred and pull-free.

Aromatherapy for trichotillomania and BFRBs

We recommend you try these oils, but please exercise caution as we can’t be held responsible for your usage of them. NEVER use aromatherapy oils around the eyes!!! If you have eyelash/eyebrow Trichotillomania, warm the oil and massage your hands with it. Keep your hands away from your eyes for at least 30 minutes afterwards! Aromatherapy oils are great for scalp hair pullers. Use warm. Test a small area before smothering your scalp!!!!

Mix 1: Male Tricster Oil

1/4 teacup KY Jelly, aloe vera gel or olive oil : Olive oil may aid growth, volume, abundance. KY Jelly contains gluconates which attack yeast infections. Aloe Vera gel sooths irritation very well for hair pullers. Great for all stress-related disorders including hair pulling.

2 drops cedarwood oil or 2 drops cinnamon leaf oil : Relaxing oils, great for Trichotillomania and stress-related disorders. May promote hair growth.

2 drops patchouli oil : Grounding for anxiety. Good for skin care & fungal or yeast infections, chapped or cracked skin. This particularly relieves itchy tric scalps. Relieves Itchy tric scalps.

Mix 2: Female Fragrant Tricster Oil

1/4 teacup KY Jelly, aloe vera or olive oil : Olive oil may aid growth, volume, abundance. KY Jelly contains gluconates which attack yeast infections. Aloe Vera gel soothes irritation.

2 drops geranium oil : Good for skin care, dermatitis, eczema, PMS, nerves, anti-inflammatory.

2 drops jasmine oil : Defeats pessimism & low self-confidence. Relieves cramping, back pain, joint & muscle pain. Sooths depression, fear & paranoia. Good for influencing hormones, dermatitis, eczema.

2 drops rose oil : Heals heart and mind. Menstrual problems, respiration, dry skin, poor circulation.

Mix 3: Unisex Fragrant

1/4 teacup of sunflower oil and 3 drops Ylang Ylang : Good for high blood pressure, palpitations, depression, insomnia, nervous tension & other stress-related disorders. Both sunflowers and Ylang Ylang are said to promote hair growth.

Mix 4: Ladies PMS

At times of PMS, use 1/4 cup sunflower oil, 2 drops Neroli oil (eases all stress-related disorders. Dispels anxiety & fears especially relating to sexuality. Uplifting, calming & antidote for shock & anxiety. One drop Lavender (Super soporific, calming effect, Skin care (all types), cuts, sores, wounds, PMS, depression, headache, stress, insomnia.)